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How to implement this?

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I am new to PHP.So any help would be great. I would like to display a drop down list and a textbox on a page. This dropdown data will be populated from a textbox. What I would like to know is, 

how to:

  • parse a file and extact some data from a txt file which is on a server.
  • populate this dropdown on the page with the data
  • also I would like to display another data on the textbox according to the data selected on the drop down list 

and of couse how to test this script etc.

Best Regards.

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No idea what you mean for the last one.


I appreciate your new but this applies to life. Go and do your own research and put the effort in yourself and you'll learn a lot more. Come back with a specific problem and we can assist.


If you want to know what a specific PHP function does, go to http://php.net/function_name where function_name is any function or even something similar and it'll explain everything.


To get you started on your first task:

  1. http://php.net/read
  2. http://php.net/fopen
  3. http://php.net/file_get_contents

Lots of options and ways you can do it. Each one will essentially get you to 1) Open the file, 2) Loop through its contents populating the dropdown.

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If you want to develop locally, which is generally what I do, you'll need to install a web server, PHP and potentially MySQL.


Just get the latest releases for each; each can be found at their respective home sites. Alternatively, you can install a package such as WAMP or XAMPP although they often take a while to update so you wont necessarily have the most recent version.

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hi cpd,


I installed WAMP and wrote some script like below;

$homepage = file_get_contents('d:\php\test.txt');

$kw = explode("\n", $homepage);
$totalNumRow = 0;
$totalAmount = 0;
	if(substr($kw[$i], 0, 1) == "5")
		echo $kw[$i];
		// echo "<br>";
		$totalNumRow = $totalNumRow + 1;
		$originalstring = $kw[$i];
        $delimiter = ",";
        if(strpos($originalstring,$delimiter) > 0){
                $outarray = explode($delimiter,$originalstring);
                // $variable1 = $outarray[0];
                $amount = $outarray[1];
				echo $amount;
				$totalAmount = $totalAmount + $amount;
		echo "<br>";
echo "<br>";
echo "Total records: ".$totalNumRow;
echo "<br>";
echo "Total amount: ".$totalAmount;


It works OK for local file. But the problem is I couldn't manage to get the contents of the file which is on FTP. Is there a way to use file_get_contents on ftp files? 


Best Regards.

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