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Possible to stop ‘including’?


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Hi all,


So I have a page which uses mysql_query to select some variables from a table, and then produces an array in order to plot this information on a graph (data used for this depends on the unique id which is obtained by $_GET [‘mrn’]. This is all working fine. However, what I want to do now is include multiple copies of these graphs on a single page  (graphs for different mrn’s). I tried to do this by including the files like this:

<php $_GET[mrn] = "1";
include('graph.php'); ?>

//some html

<php $_GET[mrn] = "2";
include('graph.php'); ?>

The problem with this method has been that although it works once, the second you include a second graph it stops working (presumably because I have tried to assign two different values to the same variable by effectively defining it twice?)


My question is therefore, is there some way to include a file, get its output (draw its graph), and then stop including it, so that I can start including the next file (drawing next graph). My reading so far has led me to believe there probably isn’t a way? Am I correct about that? Does anyone have any ideas about how I might get this working using a different technique?


Thanks in advance for any help,



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it all depends on what the code in graph.php is doing.


if graph.php is dynamically producing an image, you must use an <img src=' ... '> tag for each image you put onto a web page and since graph.php apparently expects a get parameter, you would do something like - <img src='graph.php?mrn=1'>   <img src='graph.php?mrn=2'>

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I would agree to what mac_gyver said. Instead of including graph.php, just make a header call for it so that it's marked as an image file and not a PHP file, and use the <img> HTML tag to show it. Although your current method shouldn't be making problems IF the function of graph.php is to produce a graph and once the graph is echoed, it should die.

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