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PHP login and registration formulier with a html index


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it`s easy, i have done all.

In a hour? Haha, Are you joking?!?!?!??!?


160(!!!)  Excercises in 1 hour?????


Please.... be serious. For one fundametal you will take +/- 1 hour.


6 fundamentals * 1 hours =..................?

Just calculate it..... ;-)

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Please do all the steps...

I see a lot of missing knowledge in your posts in this topic.


It's better to know the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 instead of 1,4,5,6,8

Learn all the things, thats what you need to build a good site.

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Good job, build a website in HTML5 and CSS with all of your knowledge....


Try everything you've learned to apply to build the website. Nothing more for now...
That's a very handy practice......


For example: Try to apply the practice in your site: http://horselife.net84.net/

Make a new design, split your site in div-framework with e.g. a container, menu, header, footer, content.
Make a new style in CSS for the whole site, and positioning the elements....

Try to play with them to find out your own made design.


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Look at other websites... You can apply al your knowledge into it.

How more look, how more visitors.
A website is a 'business card' of you.


Take changes, make mistakes and try to apply the knowledge.

Of you don't have the time/sense to edit them, websites-building is not the right hobby, in that case.

You must join together on one line.

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Yes, about a registration-form where you're not yet ready for.... ;)


First, make experince about building your site. Take the time, an learn things...
maybe in a few month i can recommend you to make the first stept about PHP.

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do you know a good website with explain/uitleg about a picture left or right setting with.. no.. i can`t explain it.. just look:


i have this, this must do the text in the midle of the page, all from body.



 body {
    color: black;
    width: 828px;
    margin: auto;
    background-color: #FAEBD7; }



but my problem is, this pictue must outside that and in a hook in the left and another picture in the right hook.



#plaatjerechts {
    border-top-left-radius: 50px;
    float: right;


but it can`t go outside because it is in the body, but i can`t rename this so that it is not body..

and i am stuck with this..

do you understand?

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