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PHP login and registration formulier with a html index


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I can't say the name of the shop. I't still in development, but it looks like: http://www.soliver.nl/
And the RPG-game, it's a project with five people appointed, we build this for a purchaser. It;s a lot of work. A soft estimated time is to begin in september, and deliver it in may or june of 2014

But otherwise I may not so much about saying....confidentiality... ;-)

You can see. It;s a lot of work to make a own game. For one person it will be takes ages....

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Hm.. It's holiday season and I understand that people want to try a new hobby. I get the point, and understand...

Do not underestimate the time it takes for you to program anything. like a game... for one person with basic HTML it takes many years, even when you spend 6 hours a day.

Think about: the functions you need (more than 1.000 for a good application, UML-diagrams, database-structure, frontend and backend work, security, auditting, a framework (not the div's in this case) to build all the functions....

All of this, you can't learn it in a year... Maybe 2 years...


You get it?

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Understand it's really difficult to build a good web-game.

First learn the basic of HTML and CSS, then build experience whitin a year of PHP. Then learn about object-oriented, then learn about UML.....

This takes ages.

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somebody asks me what $Uitvoeren = "INSERT INTO gebruikers (gebruikersnaam,  wachtwoord, email) VALUES ('$gebruikersnaam',  'wachtwoord', 'email')"; does?

do you know that?


$Uitvoeren = "INSERT INTO gebruikers (gebruikersnaam, Je, kunt, meer, toevoegen.....) VALUES ('$gebruikersnaam',  Je, kunt, meer, toevoegen.....)";
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