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Image uplaod not working


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I have a form that has some predefined images that are already uploaded, if however the user wants to add a new picture they select other from the form and then the image should be uploaded and added to database.  The upload and add code is below.


It appears that if I select one of the predefined images then the value is added to the db without any problems, the problem arises when a new image is to be uplaoded.


The code to add and uplaoad



      //set variables from form
   //echo $content;
   echo $photo;
          //upload image
          $filename = $_FILES["file"]["name"];
 $file_basename = substr($filename, 0, strripos($filename, '.')); // get file extention
 $file_ext = substr($filename, strripos($filename, '.')); // get file name
 $filesize = $_FILES["file"]["size"];
 $allowed_file_types = array('.jpg','.png','.gif','.bmp');
    //echo $file_basename;
 //echo $file_ext;
 if (in_array($file_ext,$allowed_file_types)  &&  ($filesize < 200000)) {
  // rename file
  $newfilename = mktime() . $file_ext;
  echo $newfilename;
  if (file_exists("http://www.jasondoyleracing.com/news-images/" . $newfilename)) {
   // file already exists error
   $message= "You have already uploaded this file.";
  } else {
   move_uploaded_file($_FILES["file"]["tmp_name"], "http://www.jasondoyleracing.com/news-images/" . $newfilename);
   echo $today;
      $intro = strip_tags($matches[1]); //removes anchors and other tags from the intro
      //update page content
      echo $image;
   echo $intro;
      $add_news="INSERT INTO `tbl_news`(`identifier`,`headline`,`news_date`,`story`,`image`,`intro`)
VALUES ('$identifier','$headline','$today','$content','$image','$intro')";
      //echo $add_news;
      $add_news_sql=mysql_query($add_news)or die(mysql_error());
      $message="Your news story has been added";


Any idea why the upload isn't working

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You can't use a URL in the move_uploaded_file() function for the destination parameter. Use a proper path and make sure the directory has write permissions.

// bad
move_uploaded_file($_FILES["file"]["tmp_name"], "http://www.jasondoyleracing.com/news-images/" . $newfilename);

// good
move_uploaded_file($_FILES["file"]["tmp_name"], "/public_html/news-images/" . $newfilename);
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