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How To Improve This Demo Site?


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I've been working to build up a simple portfolio for myself, to have something to present in case I'm asked. The problem was, I could never complete any of the projects I began, and I had nothing to show. So I decided to make this very basic website: http://www.bostoncomputerrepaircenter.com/ .


The goal was to create a simple example site which would demonstrate that I have a basic grasp of what I'm doing, but at the moment, it pretty much looks like a template. I'm not sure where to lead with this, and I don't know whether I could actually present this to a potential client (I'm doing volunteer work, mostly)?


I'd appreciate it if somebody could point out any improvements I could make, or tell me how I could construct the site into something that would persuade a client?



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The first thing I noticed is that you are using bootstrap. But why? You only use it in one place ( the nav ). You have also added empty divs to add a clear to floating elements.

Have a read on bootstrap and you will find that adding the clearfix class to the parent will remove the need to add empty divs.


Also your text looks a little big, try decreasing the size.

And use relative urls for serving static content unless they are coming from a different domain


Also W3C has a few complaints.

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