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Create dummy I.P. for Web Hosting


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I have question about I.P. configuration. On IIS server we have a default I.P.  that we use to access the web pages,e.g. .  Can I change  I.P. or going to create a virtual I.P. just to view specific page. 


Current I.P. :

Virtual I.P.  :


I am using codeigniter as my framework.  Or maybe if it can be done on coding?

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No. IP addresses are not like host or domain names that you can make up as you go.


The only way it would be possible is if the server running IIS had two network connections, one on the 123.45 network and a second on the 134.25 network.

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It depends on what your needs are. A single interface can have multiple IP's assigned to it, however they must all be part of the same network, eg:,,, etc.


If you need IP's on different networks then the need to have to separate interfaces, one connected to network A, the other to network B.


Whether you even need multiple IP's also depends on you are doing. For web hosting you generally do not need a separate IP for each site, you just use one IP and name-based virtual hosting.

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