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Setting the default pagination page (Something to do with the loop?)


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I am currently using the plugin WP-CommentNavi for comments pagination but whenever a page is clicked it goes to the highest comments page (oldest comments). My comments are purposely displayed newest first and therefore I need the default pagination page to be 1 whenever a link is clicked.

I notice there is the same default for other pagination plugins too whereby the highest pagination page (ie if there are 5 pages) page 5 is displayed.

At the moment when I load page tellhi####.com/newcastle the page that will be loaded is tellhi####.com/newcastle/comment-page-2/ whereas I want tellhi####.com/newcastle/comment-page-1/ to be loaded

I can't be sure this is the relevant code to what I am trying to achieve but I feel the answer might lie in here (below). If not, please tell me and disregard this code.

### Function: Comment Navigation: Boxed Style Paging
function wp_commentnavi($before = '', $after = '') {
global $wp_query;
$comments_per_page = intval(get_query_var('comments_per_page'));
$paged = intval(get_query_var('cpage'));
$commentnavi_options = get_option('commentnavi_options');
$numcomments = intval($wp_query->comment_count);
$max_page = intval($wp_query->max_num_comment_pages);
if(empty($paged) || $paged == 0) {
$paged = 1;
$pages_to_show = intval($commentnavi_options['num_pages']);
$pages_to_show_minus_1 = $pages_to_show-1;
$half_page_start = floor($pages_to_show_minus_1/2);
$half_page_end = ceil($pages_to_show_minus_1/2);
$start_page = $paged - $half_page_start;
if($start_page <= 0) {
$start_page = 1;
$end_page = $paged + $half_page_end;
if(($end_page - $start_page) != $pages_to_show_minus_1) {
$end_page = $start_page + $pages_to_show_minus_1;
if($end_page > $max_page) {
$start_page = $max_page - $pages_to_show_minus_1;
$end_page = $max_page;
if($start_page <= 0) {
$start_page = 1;
if($max_page > 1 || intval($commentnavi_options['always_show']) == 1) {
$pages_text = str_replace("%CURRENT_PAGE%", number_format_i18n($paged), $commentnavi_options['pages_text']);
$pages_text = str_replace("%TOTAL_PAGES%", number_format_i18n($max_page), $pages_text);
echo $before.'<div class="wp-commentnavi">'."\n";
switch(intval($commentnavi_options['style'])) {
case 1:
if(!empty($pages_text)) {
echo '<span class="pages">'.$pages_text.'</span>';
if ($start_page >= 2 && $pages_to_show < $max_page) {
$first_page_text = str_replace("%TOTAL_PAGES%", number_format_i18n($max_page), $commentnavi_options['first_text']);
echo '<a href="'.clean_url(get_comments_pagenum_link()).'" class="first" title="'.$first_page_text.'">'.$first_page_text.'</a>';
if(!empty($commentnavi_options['dotleft_text'])) {
echo '<span class="extend">'.$commentnavi_options['dotleft_text'].'</span>';
for($i = $start_page; $i <= $end_page; $i++) {
if($i == $paged) {
$current_page_text = str_replace("%PAGE_NUMBER%", number_format_i18n($i), $commentnavi_options['current_text']);
echo '<span class="current">'.$current_page_text.'</span>';
} else {
$page_text = str_replace("%PAGE_NUMBER%", number_format_i18n($i), $commentnavi_options['page_text']);
echo '<a href="'.clean_url(get_comments_pagenum_link($i)).'" class="page" title="'.$page_text.'">'.$page_text.'</a>';
next_comments_link($commentnavi_options['next_text'], $max_page);
if ($end_page < $max_page) {
if(!empty($commentnavi_options['dotright_text'])) {
echo '<span class="extend">'.$commentnavi_options['dotright_text'].'</span>';
$last_page_text = str_replace("%TOTAL_PAGES%", number_format_i18n($max_page), $commentnavi_options['last_text']);
echo '<a href="'.clean_url(get_comments_pagenum_link($max_page)).'" class="last" title="'.$last_page_text.'">'.$last_page_text.'</a>';
case 2;
echo '<form action="'.admin_url('admin.php?page='.plugin_basename(__FILE__)).'" method="get">'."\n";
echo '<select size="1" onchange="document.location.href = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;">'."\n";
for($i = 1; $i <= $max_page; $i++) {
$page_num = $i;
if($page_num == 1) {
$page_num = 0;
if($i == $paged) {
$current_page_text = str_replace("%PAGE_NUMBER%", number_format_i18n($i), $commentnavi_options['current_text']);
echo '<option value="'.clean_url(get_comments_pagenum_link($page_num)).'" selected="selected" class="current">'.$current_page_text."</option>\n";
} else {
$page_text = str_replace("%PAGE_NUMBER%", number_format_i18n($i), $commentnavi_options['page_text']);
echo '<option value="'.clean_url(get_comments_pagenum_link($page_num)).'">'.$page_text."</option>\n";
echo "</select>\n";
echo "</form>\n";
echo '</div>'.$after."\n";

In short I need, anytime a page is clicked, for the comments pagination to be on page 1, not the highest page available. Just so you know I have tried the discussion settings on the wordpress dashboard. Nothing on google either!

Failing a full answer, does anyone know the actual php code that determines what pagination page is loaded by default?

I received this response via an e-mail but due to my PHP knowledge am unable to implement it, any ideas? ...

Just reverse the loop. That'll fix it. Here's the relevant part: 
 You need to go back, i.e. use $i--

Hope I have been clear in my question!

Thanks in advance, Paul

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