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Strange query results


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Hey guys,


I have a bit of a dilemma and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.


Basically, I have this query:

INSERT INTO weeklydownloads (app_id, week, weekdownloads, lastdl) VALUES ('{$this->app_id}', '{$this->week}', 1, NOW())

The query itself works just fine, however, it doesn't add the current time and date to the "lastdl" field. What this query does is actually increment a download counter for each element, for that current week of the year. The lastdl field is there only to record when was the last download made.


So, what am I doing wrong here? :)

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actually your query should work as it is, its strange that its not working, you can try assigning "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" as default value for "lastdl" field and remove it from INSERT query


so your query will be 

INSERT INTO weeklydownloads (app_id, week, weekdownloads) VALUES ('{$this->app_id}', '{$this->week}', 1)

may this work for you

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it doesn't add the current time and date to the "lastdl" field



what value does it put into the field and how are you seeing what the incorrect value is in the field?


some possibilities, you have another query that replaces the value after the fact with something else or if the observed symptom is due to some output from your code, you could have a logical error that is causing the wrong value to be displayed.


shorter-answer: the insert query you have posted ISN'T the problem (assuming that's your actual query statement.) something else is occurring that is causing the symptom you are stating.

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