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Review my Template Structure


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Hello everybody

I'm beginning a site with CodeIgniter. I have sketched a template structure is photoshop. I need somebody checks the structure to see if it is proper for a well-structured site:

Here is the picture of what I have in mind:






The site is three-columned

when the user request the index.php -> it loads three parent section which are header, body, and footer. then, each section should load other pieces of of data. For instance the footer should load two other files called footer-copyright and footer-section(a bunch of foot-menus). Is this working?

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Structure is all about what you want. If you find it easy to work with, and you can access everything you need efficiently then go for it. There is no definitive structure that works for everyone.


The layout you have above seems to be a standard layout for something like a brochure site and I see no problems with it, although there doesnt seem to be much point in the amount of includes. I would limit to header, body and footer, rather than having header and footer calling more files.

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