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creating an ecommerce site


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i am a php developer and wants to develop an ecommerce website where users can make postings of motorbikes to sell. Users should also be able to browse existing postings and search for bikes using set parameters. Anyone with clues on how I can go about building such a website? Thanks

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Okay, so what about e-commerce is confusing you specifically? Most of what you described that you want to do is merely creating the appropriate database schema and running queries against it.


Put another way, if you know how to store motorcycle information, you should be able to retrieve it. You might want to add some niceties, but that insert/update -> display cycle is the meat and potatoes of your proposed site.

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It's the same kind of thing - database manipulation.


Recent entries? Have a db column that stores a date and pick the most recent 5, 10, whatever (SELECT * FROM bikes ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 5). Search can be a bit more involved, depending on how you want to do it. Easiest would just be having checkboxes that help limit the search criteria. Each box would essentially represent an addition to a WHERE clause.

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