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how to get other collums with agregat function


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Hello guys,


I posted this Question in MYSQL thread accidentally, so I'll try to ask the same here since I use Oracle RDBMS.


Need help regarding SQL and aggregate function.

I would like to do max function (or some join or something else), to get max value of column, and other column with it also.

Here's the code:




select department_id, sum(salary) place_total from employees
where department_id is not null group by department_id;



Previous query outputs this:

------------- -----------
           90       58000
           20       19000
          110       20300
           50       17500
           80       30100
           60       19200
           10        4400



Now, how to edit previous sql statement so it can output department_id, and max(place_total), so the output result is:


------------- -----------
           90       58000




Anyone have an idea, how to do this ?

Thanks !

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