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php mail always ending in spam


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I searched the entire page for a topic, as i thought it must have ben asked before, but unfortunately i couldn't seem to find anything at all :(

so, i created a perfectly working email, sending as

to: someonesmail@something.com
Cc: my own
Bcc: my friends email

every email will recieve the mail, but they all turnsout to be spam/junk, any idea how to fix/byass this? as the email is sending important informations to our fellow schools.

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If it comes from a local machine( it's most likely going to end up in spam.


If not you need to make sure you're using a valid email address and that you are using the appropriate headers. 




And check out this relative post that others found useful on stackoverflow:


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Are you hosting this on your local machine or on a cheap shared web host?

Many cheap shared host ips are blacklisted for spam as they attract spammers because there price point.


I also found if the email lacks in content it may get sent to the spam.

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