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request please

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could someone please send me a WORKING search / results page.

iv just not managed to do it by following others examples, they all seem

to have variations which is driving me crazy.


-email me please and let me know what to call the text field

-what the sql statment should be

-what the variable should be.

-anything else i need to know with regards to the recordset.


as for the database, um please just send me a very basic one and ill put it into my sql and go from there.


many many thanks




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Simple answer no. Your obviously not willing to learn.


this sort of response is totally uncalled for. while the gist of the content may be accurate, let's work on our presentation a little.


two things:

first off, if you're wanting code written for you, you'll get a much better response posting to the freelancing forum as a (paid) or (non-paid) job.


second, when you post requesting help in forums such as this, we gear responses in such a way as to not write the code for you, but rather to "teach a man to fish" approach. basically, we want to help you understand where you're going wrong so that you are better equipped to do it yourself in the future.

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guys its not true that im not not willing to learn, not true at all.

i tried my hardest to learn it and simply couldnt figure it out. so i was simply looking for a worked example, in anycase many people send their huge chunks of code onto the forum from which to get help, i just thought someone could send me an example from which i can learn from. i didnt meant to create any animosity, sorry. i will try to structure my questions more in future.



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