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How to resolve problem of session_start on Linux


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I had built my website in php, earlier on Windows platform and amply used session_start function. Later I shifted to Linux hosting and realized that each session_start is displaying a warning that headers already sent etc. Now I searched google and came to know that this problem comes when BOM or any other char has been sent prior to session_start. But BOM is inevitable in my case as it is a multilingual website. Now i came to know that changing php5.ini and setting some option may help avoid the problem but since this is a shared hosting, i had to search for how to set my own php.ini, i found too, but unfortunately php.ini options are also not taking effect (this is checked by using phpinfo function). Can somebody please help rescue the situation? Thanks for reading this.

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Thanks for the replies. Problem is not that I am using WIndows system, in fact I was hosting and developing on the Windows previously and now both are on Linux. But I don't know why same php script now not working on Linux. I think some setting is required to make session_start work properly but I don't know what exactly it is. @PravinS, session_start is on the top already.

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