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Coding School help needed


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Hi all, I am looking at the possibility of setting up a coding school for young people in the third world. I am not a coder or programmer at all and would like suggestions as the best way to teach these skills.

Do I need a competent teacher or are there reputable comprehensive online courses available. I could certainly provide the IT hardware and connectivity. How do most coders in the USA gain their skills? Are most of them graduates?

Lastly, which institutions in the US might provide funding for a project like this? Where could I start looking? This will be a non profit venture.

Any help/advice will be gratefully received.

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My first thought is that, since you don't have any programming experience, you're going to have a very hard time getting this off the ground. Someone at the top of your group will need to be able to gauge quality of equipment, material, etc. Moreover, you'll need to take into account language barriers, poverty, and cultural barriers. Good luck.


To try to answer your questions, in my experience, online courses don't work as well as an actual teacher. As this site proves, books, tutorials, and videos don't answer questions. Having someone there, in the room, is invaluable.


There's no specific road map as to how people gain their skills here. Some of it depends on what kind of programming a person wants to do. I'd say that most desktop application programmers have gone to a university, for example, while web developers are a more eclectic bunch.


I have no idea what organizations would provide funding. Regardless, you'll need to have a bulletproof plan in place before attempting to get money.

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