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Interface Design/Layout


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Hi all,


I am redesigning/developing an existing web-based application that needs a lot of space on the screen.  

If the application runs on a 30-inch iMAC it displays nicely.  However, not everyone has a monitor this large.

It does not display well on small monitors or projectors, even when the resolution is changed.


The interface/page has two parts. The left side shows statistics, graphs, etc. and changes/updates based on actions/events on the right side of the page.

Making the interface items smaller is not really an option as it is almost already too small.


The left side has about 80 rows of data plus graphs.

Currently the right side has 25 divs that are about 300px x 300px and the divs are laid out as 5 x 5, so there is already a lot of vertical scrolling.  However, sometimes the number of divs on the right side is 20 or 30.


Aside from horizontal scrolling, does anyone have any suggestions? 


Thanks very much.

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Hi TheLetterE,

Thanks for replying.

I think you are correct about the forum for this posting. Almost 4000 views before your reply  :)

I will checkout your suggestions. I decided to put the statistics and graphs in a floating div that can be moved around the screen. The contents of the div are updated when actions are performed on the main page.

I have to move it around depending on what I want to see/do on the main page, but it solves the problem, at least for now.

Thanks again.  

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