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Help with ecommerce site


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Hi, I need help with my ecommerce site. Some of the things I need help with are as follows:


  • paypal and credit card payment gateway
  • easy automatic refunds through clickable button
  • product upload (can add price, % off, $ off, and sale expiry date that removes % or $ off of price when it expires and also displays a price after the sale factor is calculated. Can also select product type and sub product type from corresponding custom iframe)
  • product mangement (edit and delete)
  • Account creation including adding locations of stores, adding flyers and adding special offers (have to have specific image size requirements for upload)
  • Shopping cart with a shopping cart login page and billing info form.
  • Wish list
  • Product comparison
  • Simple search with location and distance search modifier
  • users location finder (gets the location of the user viewing the site and displays it in the location field)

I need to know the estimated amount of time required to add each of these. The price I pay per hour will reflect on how many hours it takes to put this site together and get it working properly.


Send me a message if you can help me with this site.


Thanks, Luke!

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