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Real basic installation question


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Hi, it looks like Contact Form is a good script, but the developer assumes that no one needs any installation instructions.


I've installed scripts like this before, like [b]PHPform[/b], which turned out to require visitors to have perfect file names in order to upload. So after wasting time figuring out why files weren't downloadable (and getting no help from the developer, despite his offer to install for $50 and my offer to pay it--[u]which I now know would have been a waste of mone[/u]y), I'm trying this script.

(My client is at her wit's end, and now I'm doing volunteer work.)

I installed it in the public html area as a directory,


and configured the configure.php file so that it could send files. There's no other indication that anything is needed, except in the instructions below.

The script has been unpredictable.

Without attaching a file, I got this: Warning: unlink(../../rrtrt/) [function.unlink]: Is a directory in /home/suesjobs/public_html/contactform/contact.php on line 126

I created an rrtrt directory, and that seemed to have solved the problem. But then it started giving that error message again, and no email arrives now. When I attach a file, there's no error message, and no email arrives. But it didn't change anything since it was working. It even sent a message with a file I had attached, but no more. I CHmoded 777, of course.

Here are the detailed installation instructions:

[color=purple]Script Usage:
To use this script, place this code andwhere where you want the counter to appear:
<?php @include_once("contact.php");?>[/color]

EEsh, I don't mean to sound ungreatful, but when I give stuff away (honest, I give lots of stuff away), at least I put a little thought into the instructions.

Could you spare a minute to tell me where that line of php code goes?

The demo install url looks straightforward... http://demo.free-php-scripts.net/Contact_Form/contact.php, but I can't find that @include line in the html of that page.

Jeez, am I pissy tonight, or what? :-X

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