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Facebook integration: login, like, share and tokens!


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Hey everyone


I finally reach a point where I need to go a little further in what social integration is about.


That said, and starting with facebook, I've read a few docs and follow the documention but a few questions still remain.


I will start to say what I have understood so far:

  • I've created the app in facebook, configured everything just right (I even manage to get a local and production environment going on)
  • I manage to successful login and get the returned url with the token flag

From what I understood, I need to get an access_token from this return token, using the php sdk method provided by facebook (something along the lines of $facebook->getAccessToken(); )


The problem:

I want to have a like button (with the share dialog). Currently I'm not managing to get the like to appear on the user timeline - I do have permissions, given upon user login.


My question:

  • Has anyone implemented something like this?
  • Should I get the access_token and store it in a session variable?
  • How can I associated the access_token to the "like" request?
  • What is usually the basic workflow?

What I have:

The user click the login button, gets redirected to the facebook page. Logs in, accepts permission and gets back to the mydomain.com/token=facebook_token.

I have a script associated specifically to this url (script that upon login, registers/logs the user into my actual website).

I think in this script, I can store whatever tokens I need, I'm just trying to figure out where to use them!


I've ask around and either this is just so simple no one cares to explain or I'm just having bad luck! :)


Thank you very, very much for your attention.


ps.: I'll buy you a beer!


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