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javascript zynga easy scroller

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Try to keep this short.  I have a monitor set up flipped so the resolution is 768px wide by 1360px tall.  This is a touch device.  Since my client didn't want to pay for me to develop an app for said touch device but wanted his websites just displayed as links (sites are responsive and local) I'm using Google Chrome to display these pages.  They are all three HTML 5 and he's running XP so IE (not that I would have used it anyway) is out of the question.  


My problem is "Y" axis touch scrolling does not work with the drivers included with this touch device.  So I've been looking for javascript solutions online.  Tried tons of them.  The only thing that seems to work is Zynga Easy Scroll.  


With the exception that it will only scroll to a certain point on the page then stops.  It will not allow access to any information further down the page.


My assumption is that the DOM I'm targeting has now scrolled too far up the page and I no longer have access to it.  Currently though, that DOM is the body tag itself.  I have also tried placing the entire page in a <div> with the scrollable applied to it but have the same results so applying it to the body tag isn't the issue.  


Anyone have experience with this javascript and have a solution for this not to bounce back and leave the bottom third of my page from displaying?  I mean anything short of me starting all over using jquery mobile or Sencha Touch 2.  Like I said, client doesn't want to pay for the time it would take for me to totally rebuild pages as an app.  But those would just create an HTML 5 application anyway so don't see that even that's a solution with no "Y" axis scrolling ability.  




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