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login to one drive

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This isn't really IIS but it is Microsoft based and it is a problem I'm having....therefore...this is the right forum


ok..I have two computers on a network

mine runs xp Pro and the other runs xp HOME


I have two drives I want the HOME computer to access

instead of mapping two drives.........is it possible to some how put a 'link to the other drive inside the one they've just logged into.


Say I only map them to the C Drive and I want them to be able to access the D drive as well.......

is there anyway....in my c drive I could put some kind of link to my d drive so I wouldn't have to create a second drive map

I know that once a user logs into one mapped drive....if that username is permitted on another, the user doesn't have to log into that one.




the reason I ask is because this scenario was toned down from reality...I actually have 4 drives I want to "link" with


EDIT: and I've already tried making actual shortcuts

and it thinks of the shortcut as local

so if I have a shortcut in my c drive for the d drive and they access it

it will try to access the d drive that may be on their computer

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