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Anonymous class RFC is under discussion now

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Meh. I've never needed anonymous classes. More interested in variadics and unpacking (though I'm not a fan of a couple of the choices made) and keywords as identifiers.

There's also talk of automatically session_regenerate_id()ing on IP address change (no RFC for it) and I definitely don't like that.

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I actually like the extended keyword support a lot, its not for me to decide which feature gets past the voting phase though. Varadics have already made it to PHP 5.6, so its not really an issue here.


Come to think about that, it seems that C# accessor methods gets rejected despite more than 60% of the voters said yes(it needs to make 2/3 or more). I doubt if this means that this idea is dropped forever, or that the RFC creator can still make a comeback by making some major/minor modifications of the initial proposal. I personally like to see accessor methods implemented in PHP, but life is not much tougher without it so I can live with that.

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I'm still annoyed that they haven't implemented object properties yet: https://wiki.php.net/rfc/propertygetsetsyntax-v1.2


How many 'yes' votes does an RFC need in order to proceed?


As far as I know, you need 2/3 of votes, so thats about 66.7%. It seems to me that property accessor gets 34/56 last time, which is about 60.7% of the votes(6% lower than required). Perhaps BC was the cause of all these, wonder if its possible to re-vote or that whatever gets rejected will never be re-considered.

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