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Soap,php, and wsdl files

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I'm new to soap and webservices , and wanting to know do I have to use soap with a wsdl file, or can I use something else like json?

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I've only used SOAP a handful of times. All I can say is, from my experience, it's bloated and annoying to make simple changes. I think JSON is the way forwar. Just bear in mind that most browsers block cross site requests returning JSON, so when sending JSON from other hosts JSONP is your friend.


If you have code problems post them and we'll try and help :)

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Ok thanks I'm tring to create a webservice in php. My servercode is


$soap_server = new SoapServer('Notification.wsdl');

function Notify($message)
    return array('message' => $message);



And I'm trying to create a client for the service  using this code


include 'soap_server.php';

$soap_client = new SoapClient('https://localhost:8888/Soap/Notification.wsdl', array(
                'proxy_host' => 'localhost',
                'proxy_port' => '8888',
                'local_cert' => 'APX_WS_API1.cer'  

    $result = $soap_client->__soapCall('Notify',array('message' => 'Hello World'));
    echo $result;
}catch(SoapFault $e){
    echo "Error: " . $e->faultcode;


The problem is when I run this I get could not connect to host error. If I can do this with JSONP. How can I do this with the wsdl file that I have to use? Please help?:)

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