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(WordPress) wp-navi not showing older posts/not working - can't find code in template

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Hi folks, i'm looking for some advice/help if possible? I'm new to PHP, i've ben given a WordPress site to look after, and one of them is using the wp-navi plugin. When I click on the links for previous posts, the url changes, but it's only displaying the most recent posts from the index page and not older posts :confused: 
I've had a look at the support forum for this plug-in, but they don't seem to be very helpful? I've looked at people who have had similar problems, and it seems to be that I need to change the function calls for previous and next, which i've done, but yet the older posts don't seem to show up. I'm no programmer/coder and I really want to learn how to do this, as I think i'm going to need to start using more PHP, but i've looked at all the code via the WordPress editor and everything seems to be okay according to the instructions to get the plugin working, i'm unsure if i've maybe missed something somewhere?
Any help would be gratefully appreciated!
Thank you, Mary!

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