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mysql replication phpmyadmin windows version


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First of all let me say there are no CLEAR tutorials for how to do this on windows, I'm a programmer and have been using MySQL and PHP for years, and have never seen so many different answers when it comes to linux, and absolutely nothing for windows users.

Anyway I have been working for 2 weeks trying to solve this myself, and I am at the same place no matter what tutorial, method or whatever I try. Basically I have two MySQL Servers. One Master, and One Slave (setup through phpMyAdmin)

I have both servers online and they can see each other and are connected to each other, however when it comes to syncing under the Slave Status table in phpMyAdmin I am constantly getting errors saying tables don't exist. But they do. Now I'm not sure if I am supposed to completely import the databases from my master manually, and then it updates it or whatever (again no clear tutorials are out there for windows). Below is the table i copied from phpMyAdmin.

Slave_IO_State Waiting for master to send event
Master_Host XX.XX.XX.XX
Master_User XXXXXXXX
Master_Port 3306
Connect_Retry 60
Master_Log_File mysql-bin.000012
Read_Master_Log_Pos 1221
Relay_Log_File *servername*-relay-bin.000003
Relay_Log_Pos 253
Relay_Master_Log_File mysql-bin.000001
Slave_IO_Running Yes
Slave_SQL_Running No
Last_Errno 1146
Last_Error Error 'Table '*databasename*.*tablename*' doesn't exist' on query. Default database: '*databasename*'. Query: 'DELETE FROM *tablename* WHERE expires
Skip_Counter 0
Exec_Master_Log_Pos 107
Relay_Log_Space 211493
Until_Condition None
Until_Log_Pos 0
Master_SSL_Allowed No
Seconds_Behind_Master (blank but would like this setup)

I should also add that this database that supposedly has missing tables is working perfectly on the master for an active website.

Any help to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.

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The slave server is an empty shell of a mysql installation, it has no databases, no users, no nothing. No information has been added to it.

Well, this is the problem -- the DBs need to begin in an identical state in order to begin replication.

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-_- i have tried with both, an empty db and an exact copy of the master db.


however I'm also getting an additional error about a duplicate record, Thank you for your answer by the way, i've been dealing with this for more than 2 weeks now and have gotten absolutely no where...This is the error I'm getting:Error 'Operation CREATE USER failed for 'replication'@'%'' on query. Default database: 'mysql'. Query: 'CREATE USER 'replication'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '*****************'' However there is no user named "Replication" on the master (or slave)... and the error message is under last error, but clearing the error doesn't fix it, just gives another error, i spent a few hours 2 days ago, clearing the errors, deleting the replication user, and trying to reset the slave, and yet the same thing keeps happening.

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