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Dynamic document generation


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Dear ,

I am need of some thing with the help of which i would be able to

generate dynamic/variable documents for my business use. I need a data

input page where one can feed all data at one place & later on same

data came be parsed to various pre formated documents. As per my need,

i have to write several documents related to single business deal. I

have to fill up same details in all those documents. So, my idea is

fill up all such information at one place then later on, the same data

can be passed on to all related documents for printing purpose.

You can create one data entry module (like forms etc.) to collect

relevant data then create another module in which i can link different

documents format in which data can be lifted from the collected

information. I  requires to create something which can hold input

variables then you have to retrieve all those variable in documents. I

am attaching 3 files in order to understand you better my project.

These 3 files are having data sample, sample document & finished


link of document ;  http://goo.gl/fVKBmv



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