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onUnload="" function does not seem to work


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hey guys,


so i am messing around with some simple JS, and i was using the onLoad & onUnload handlers.




i can easily get the onLoad=(function) to work properly, yet when it comes to getting the onUnload to work when i close the window or refresh the site, noting seems to work


function alert1(){
    alert("Welcome to the page, enjoy");
function aler02(){
    alert("Thanks for visiting, goodbye");
<body onLoad="alert01();" onUnload="alert02();">

     <p> This is text </p>

again when i open the site, it works just fine and as expected. when i close or refresh i expect an alert to let me know i am leaving, yet nothing.


any suggestions ?




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You don't register the handler on the <body> element but on the window object.


window.onbeforeunload = function(){ if(confirm("Are you sure you want to leave this page?")) return false; else return true; };


Hey man, thanks for the great help, but tell something. What is the window object ? and why is it i have to do this instead of putting it directly on the body tag as i was doing ? if that was the case then wouldnt the onLoad element face the same issue ?

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The window object is the global object in client-side JavaScript.


All top-level variables (variables declared in the highest scope JavaScript has) are automatically properties of the global object.


window also refers to the web browser's window itself and also has properties that reveal the current site's URL and some others.


However, you are mistaking something in your assumption made above; the onload attribute of the body tag is fired when the body tag has completely loaded.

But because you want to fire the next event when the web browser - not the body tag! - is about to be "unloaded", you register the event handlers on the window object, not on a DOM object (which represents <body onload=""> with document.body.onload, rather than window.onload).


Hope this explains this a little.

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