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$id = _GET ['id']; Not Working :/ Please Help.... URGENT!


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The Code is below:

				if((isset($_GET['id'])) && (is_numeric($_GET['id']))) { //accessed through viewusers.
					$id = $_GET['id'];
				} elseif ((isset($_POST['id'])) && (is_numeric($_POST['id']))) { //form has been subbed.
					$id = $_POST['id'];
				} else {
					print '<h2> Page Error </h2>';
					print '<p class=error> This page has been accessed in error. </p>';

It's giving me the page error portion and not recognizing the $id


Going back to the initial problem you mentioned in your OP.


This problem can easily be solved by adding a $id = null; into your else statement.

That is only one reason though why it is ruining your query.


You where statement should be in a separate variable if you intend to collect all records at some point.

instead of, or along with $id, you should have a variable called $where, that contains a string like this

WHERE id = $id


and give it a value of null when you don't need it as I explained in the beginning.


So you query will look something like this instead

SELECT blah.* FROM someTable $where
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Hey guys, thank you immensely for all the support, the problem has been solved! It turns out it was a problem with the hosting provider, in that they had just recently upgraded there MySQL server version and PHP versions (don't ask why, as they clearly didn't provide any notice to any of their customers prior to the upgrade).

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