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virtual hosts

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hey all, im haveing trouble setting up virtual hosts in apache on NT.


I have the following code:


<VirtualHost ip>

ServerName ip

ServerAdmin webmaster@mydomain.co.uk

DocumentRoot "H:/websites"


<VirtualHost *>

ServerName www.mydomain.co.uk

ServerAdmin webmaster@mydomain.co.uk DocumentRoot "H:/websites/mydomain" ErrorLog "H:/websites/mydomain/logs/error_log"

ServerAlias mydomain.co.uk TransferLog "H:/websites/mydomain/logs/access_log" 

ErrorDocument 404 http://www.mydomain.co.uk/errors/404.php 



If i go to the ip address then it redirects to mydomain folder and the same applies if i visit www.mydomain.co.uk, but if i go to http://mydomain.co.uk it comes with page not found.


any help or suggestions to things i may have missed


thanks in advance



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