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I want to make a good impression to my client - Need Help!


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Hi guys,


About 2 months ago a company in The Netherlands asked me to design a salespage for their new product. I'm almost done with the design, I already converted the design to HTML. But I'm pretty sure that there is still a lot to improve. I really want to make a good impression to this client because I know there is a lot more work to do.


What I had in mind when I started with the design:


- The first impression should give a short overview of the product

- There should be a CTA (Call To Action) above default

- Things should be clean

- Not too much text

- Guiding design with a step by step process

- Building trust with testimonials and trusted logos



I really appreciate if a few good designers can give me a few tips to improve my design and make it better!


Also open to better CSS solutions.


Thank you guys!




P.S. for the mod. if I placed this in the wrong section can you please move it to the right one? Thank you, my bad :)

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There's so much in-line CSS that everything will be cluttered. If they ever want to make another page they'll have to copy long lines of mostly CSS.


Also, the order buttons are so far down, no one will want to scroll down that far just to order.

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I feel that the header needs a little more color, as well as darker. I would also add left and right side columns as a background for the empty space, preferably darker to get the main content to stand out better. Looks nice though!

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