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HELP! Grab newspaper stories & dump in dbase

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I've just begun learning php and mySQL and am having probs working on an assignment. The assignment is as follows:


The task in this exercise is to build two systems. The first system which will do the following at least once a day:


Visit your chosen news web-page

Identify new stories that were not present last time the page was visited

Insert the following data about each such story into a mySQL database:

the date the story appeared on the website

the headline for the story

the URL for the story

an abstract containing the first few paragraphs of the story


The second system will list all the stories in the database on a HTML page.



I know how to do most of this assignment. I know how to setup the blank database in mySQL. I will be identifying new stories using php, regular expressions, crontab etc. I dont know how to insert the new stories into a mySQL database or list the stories from datbase on an html page. Not very good at programming. I presume I'll be using some kind of INSERT INTO function but how to use this and with what code is the problem. Can anyone help out a confused irishman!?

Thanks in advance....

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