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Web, App, Mobile developer seeking new projects.


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My name is Joyel Puryear. I am the owner, and founder of Infotechnologist.biz. I am not a development company, but a freelancer who has a great many connections in the IT Industry and a significant amount of experience in the field.
My website can be found at: http://www.infotechnologist.biz and once there you will find my portfolio, skills, services, and several other pieces of material to help you determine what my capabilities are. You can contact me through my website, via personal message, or via Phone at 4049390637.  
I am capable of handling most, if not all of your IT needs.  Some of my services (but not all of them) are listed below:
- Website Development.
- Web Application Development
- Mobile IOS Development (Phones/Tablets)
- Mobile Android Development (Phones/Tablets)
- Custom Coding (Xhtml/CSS, and so forth)
- Custom Design (Graphic Design/Print Design/Specialty Design (hand drawn artwork, cartoon work, and so forth), and so forth)
- Custom Programming (PHP/MYSQL, Javascript, JSON, XML, XLST, Advanced Web Services (Rest, Soap, Amazon, Rets, MLS, and so forth), Advanced Scraping Software (Curl, Data scrapers, web scrapers, information gatherers, bots and so forth) and so forth)
- Basic Administrative tasks (writing, proofreading, editing, excel and other office programs, power point presentations, Internet research and development, and so forth)
If you should require any of my services (or other services not listed, it never hurts to ask) then feel free to contact me immediately with all project details and requirements. I will work with you to provide a very accurate quote and timeline. I am very flexible in regards to payment terms, payment arrangements, quotes, timelines and so forth.
I look forward to hearing back from you.


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