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Redesign Thoughts


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I am getting a much needed re-brand for my business.


The potential index page is here: http://infotechnologist.biz/index.jpg

The logo I am leaning towards the most is here: http://infotechnologist.biz/new_logo.jpg


Some other logo's along the same lines are here: http://infotechnologist.biz/set.jpg


What are your thoughts on these initial designs.  Based off feedback I will be making a decision, getting more ideas, and making adjustments.



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Ignace-  love the site.


Ninjakreborn- I too like the logo you are leaning towards. Without the laptop #3 looks unbalance and #4 too vertical and #5-6 is retro. For the home page, the section under the header I would make it fill the screen (more awesome if the text where actual links). Use Ignace's suggestion to showcase projects and do away with the scroll.

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I think that would be a really cool "freelance it guy" website! ( I guss thats what you are)


However, when I first look at it I dont get the feeling that this a website for a single person freelancer. First of all you write "we" in the banner text but down below you write "me" - So what are you? A firm or a single man operation?


I would probably make it more personal and build a website arround you as a good it guy :-P

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