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Social Media Sites Not Displaying


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Hey there,


I'm pretty new to this proxy server thing and planning on getting some kind of deggree/major in computer science and I have made some pretty substantial progress just by doing some fairly superficial research.


I've succesfully set up my phproxy and everything works reletively fine, except for social media sites such as facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. whenever I try to go to these pages via my proxy, it loads just fine but the screen is blank; no logos or information of any type is displayed on the browser when I attempt accessing these sites. However youtube works just fine without a problem.


When I initially set up the server I had to edit the Apache program on my computer server to allow access. Thats when everything started working correctly except for the display screw up on social media sites.



Any ideas on how to make the damn thing display would be graciously accepted lol. for the life of me ive tried screwing with everything and even different phproxy programs. Thanks!

~~This kid


P.s my OS is Widows 7 and ive tried on multiple browsers. also if yall have questions on info that ive provided, or havent, please dont hesitate to ask.

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Let's summarize:

  • You set up a proxy server on some machine in your house?
  • The one you used is the fairly ancient PHPProxy, which hasn't been updated in 8 years.
  • For some reason you did *something* to Apache, although why you did whatever you did is unclear.  PHPProxy is a really old and dead project that implemented an HTTP proxy server. 
  • People use Proxy servers for a couple of reasons
    • To cache commonly accessed "cache friendly" content in order to save on bandwidth
    • To control access to the internet, for administrative or security reasons
    • To circumvent the blocking of an existing web filter

If you're running this on your home network, there's no potential for circumvention, and it's unclear why you would want to circumvent anything.  If this is running on a server on the public internet -- well you didn't provide any information about the the problem, the goal, or your network topology.


It's not clear from your post what you are using a proxy server for or why you want to use one.


The sites you mention may not be proxy friendly, or the really old proxy server may have issues with certain sites and techniques or you may have misconfiguration issues. 


There is no magic "fix proxy server" button.  You need to look at things like logs, and debug from the client using a tool like firebug.


You state you're interested in computer science.  If that's the case, you need to start to learn how to debug problems, and learning how to investigate server processes through logs or debugging tools is an important step in that pursuit.

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