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Get affected rows after Delete (mysql)

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I can't seem to get reliable results after deleting a row(s) using mysqli.  The afftect_rows is always 0.  

I'm using php5.2 and the mysqli method

Something like this:

$sql = "
				DELETE FROM classRoster WHERE id=123
			if ($result = $this->mysqli->query($sql)) {
				return $this->mysqli->affected_rows;   ///ALWAYS RETURNS 0
				//log error

I have confirmed that the row is in fact deleted, but still get 0 as affected_rows.   Please help!

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i have seen (past) cases with mysql/mysqli functions where using them in a return statement returns null (which would be treated as a zero.) you can try to assign the value to a variable, then return that variable.


also, it's possible that your page is being requested twice by your browser and/or a redirect and you are seeing the result of the second page request, which would be a zero since the row would have been deleted on the first page request.


you could run a select query before trying to delete it to insure it exists. this would at least get your code to tell you if it has previously been deleted.

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Curiously the problem solved itself after a reboot.  I'm running xammp on windows 7 on a laptop and I get alot of weird inconsistencies like this when I change table structures and then run queries with php.  I find I have to restart MySQL after adding table columns or they don't get recognized from php but do with phpMyAdmin. It's strange as I never encounter these problems when using MySQL/php on my mac or production linux server.  I'll just assume it's some low-level installation glitch within xampp that I'll probably never get to the bottom of.

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