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Javascript sessions on the server end

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I've gotten my self really confused with server end checks for users being logged in. I create a session in PHP by using a straight forward ajax request and check the database against the user & pass sent to the server.

I then set a session like this:

$_SESSION['uid'] = $row['uid'];

But i want to check this session in NodeJS aswell so i don't have to keep validating the user when they send data on a socket.


The script i have is like this:


socket.on('sendMessage', function(data,callBack){       
   var userID = //assign $_SESSION['uid'], possible?
       console.log('User not logged in!');
   } else {

   var message = sanitize(data['message']).escape();
   var query = connection.query('SELECT name FROM users WHERE uid = ?', [userID],
                    console.log('Query Error: '+err);
                 } else if(results.length == 1){
                    var username = results[0].name;
                    console.log(username+' sent a message!');

How do i use the session in this situation - i can't work out how to do it =/


Please help, really confused!

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With a typical setup the session data is stored in a file in a format you don't want to bother with.


Move your sessions to a database. Old articles but nothing's really changed (besides SessionHandlerInterface):

- Storing Sessions in a Database

- Saving PHP's Session data to a database


Then anything, be it PHP or Node.js, can read and write session data.

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Ok final question, I've written my class for this and in my database i have this :


ID: b212afdb797206ae06e376f2c4d2e681
Access: 1386984361
Data: Userid|i:1;




What I don't understand is how to get that info.


Using this for example:

socketio.emit("GetSeassionData", { ID : b212afdb797206ae06e376f2c4d2e681});

A user could easily edit their JavaScript and change the ID ? So how do I get the session data in nodeJS?

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The session ID was passed in the cookies. PHPSESSID is the default name for it, I think. You don't need to include it in your client-side Javascript.


And yes, the user could change their session ID, but it won't do them any good unless they managed to find out somebody else's session ID.

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