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Handling 'Pear Mail to txt' truncated messages

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I am using pear mail to process emails on my php site with great success but tonight I am researching a known issue in hopes for a resolution.

I know that by sending email to cell numbers like 3334445555@vtext.com will submit my message as a text message to the recipients phone.


My issue with this is that the message truncates.


My question is: What is the bes way around this?

  -  obvious answer is to keep my messages short.

 a. should I strlen() the message, and loop the mail submission until the entire message has been processed?

 b. is there a switch within pear that I am un aware of?


Thanks in advance for any responses.



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On the verizon website it says that name is part of the 140 char limit. So simply limiting your message to 140 chars is insufficient, you need to do:


$sender = 'Some Name';

$charsLeft = 140 - strlen($sender);
$charsLeft is the maximum length of your message.

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