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Recommended Setup - XAMP


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Hi All,

I am in the process of setting up a small "intranet" for lack of a better word. I will be installing XAMP to provide the complete solution (MySQL, PHP, Apache, etc.) And wanted to find out what you would recommend the specifications of the web server to be.

The idea of the web sever is to run a simple set of webpages that allow multiple users (+/- 150 - 200) to constantly submit information to the mySQL database via a PHP form.

Some users will have rights to update the data submitted to through the forms. There is also a small amount of reporting that will be done from the data in the database.

Thanks, any advice is greatly appreciated.

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In my opinion any decent machine from the last four years should be able to handle that, but I'm not sure to be honest. I've never used a Windows machine for any more than one person (me). I'd suggest if you're looking for something efficient, turn the machine into a LAMP stack with CentOS. From what I know, there'll be more resources dedicated to serving webpages that way than if you run it on Windows...

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Thanks for this, what would be the best way to then go about setting up the webserver?


Personally (though trq might know better), I'd suggest downloading and installing http://www.centos.org/ and then installing Apache, Mysql and PHP. It's not that hard, a simple


sudo yum install httpd mysql-server php php-mysql


Should install pretty much everything you need in one go

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