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Snake Javascript


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your wall is a "skeleton" in a 2d array but then as far as actually building it, you create it by filling in a rectangle based on a product (*10) of the coordinates. But then when checking the location of the fruit you are about to draw, you don't take that same *10 into account. You also do the same fill trick for your fruit but don't take into account that it's basically just a dot "skeleton" with a rectangle filled in by *10 factor. So IOW you are basically checking position based on the core "skeleton" points but not offsetting it by both the *10's you created, so you need to factor in current x/y positions *10 + *10. Incidentally, you have the same issue when checking for collision of snake vs. wall. If you look when you collide into a wall, you will see it actually stops in the center of the wall, where the "skeleton" coord is. Again, you are not factoring in the same *10 you used to make the boundaries.

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