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This forum is "programming theory" so I assume this is the most appropriate place to put this. (Admins or someone feel free to move this if the location is incorrect.)


The issue is that a site, example.com, loads slowly to international users because of its US-based host. So the thought is to buy...





... and host those domains on servers near the respective location. Or something like this.


So the question is... what's the best way to handle users getting to the right site from the right location? There are google results out there that sort of address this question, but I'm wondering what has worked for others, or what you've heard of working.


I think the solution will be to install a package on my server that can tell where the user is from, and to either redirect the user outright or to let them click a link to go to a more "local" version of the website. 


Thoughts? Have you handled this? Howso?



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Can use geolocation tools that are free from a few places.




So add the same script you create to the header of all your sites.

Depending on their location do a redirect to the proper top level domain.

Keep .com as default, if detects their ip is in a country code that you happen to own..send them there.

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You don't need to do any fancy geo-location as google automatically detects (and for SEO you should tell them all your domains to avoid duplicate content penalty) the location of the server and the extension and users from those countries will automatically see your website for that specific country.

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