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Undefined variables & Cannot Modify Header Messages


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Hi -

I have a website that was working previously and then all of a sudden, I got these messages on the front page of the website and can o longer log in to Wordpress at all.


Error 1 and 2 are attached in the file. They repeat themselves at the top of the front page. Nothing is working now. I don't know how to fix this or where to start. One looks like it is paypal advanced. Do I need to reload the plug in? The other one - no clue.


Thanks in advance!!!

RYT errors.pdf

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Hi BlueFilly,

   The first issue is not really an error per-se.  It is a "Notice".  PHP is a scripting language, that is easy going about things like checking for the existence of variables before attepting to reference or use them.  Your plugin has some loose coding, which is not necessarily a problem, however, it appears that most likely your PHP version or configuration of your hosting server has been changed. 


My first comment is that, for a production server, errors should never be displayed to end users.  Production settings should not display errors, and any errors generated should be logged to files on the server.


As for the 2nd issue, that could be related to the first one.


In order to fix this, you have a couple of options.  The first one is to change settings in the php.ini file on your server.  Probably this is what changed in your environment.


The 2nd is to add some settings to your wordpress config file, which is an option if you really only are using the WP php app on your server or if you can't access and change your php.ini (which also requires you to be able to restart your web server to pick up changes).


There's relevant info here:  http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Configure_Error_Logging


In summary, you need to set your display errors off in the php.ini



display_errors = Off
display_startup_errors = Off

log_errors = On
error_log = /some/writable/path/on/your/server/logs/php_error.log


This type of configuration is really a system administrator level exercise in most cases. You may have to seek support from your hosting company.

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