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Help me guysss....

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Hello every body actually i'm going to create a chat script and i need some idea...


suppose two persons ( x and y ) are chatting together... I want to create two different different backgrouns for those messages.. Like x's messages are shown in dark div background and y's background is light.....


How can i acheive this... I just need the idea.....


Thank u in advance....

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Sounds to me you need to alternate the background color for each message.


To do this you'll need to initiate a counter, for this we'll use the variable $i. And we'll define the two background colors

$i = 0; // init counter
// define background colors
$bg_color1 = '#999';
$bg_color2 = '#666';

Now when displaying each messsage you'd do have this

$bg_color = (++$i % 2 == 0) ? $bg_color1 : $bg_color2; // alternavte background color

echo '<div style="background-color: $bg_color">$message</div>'; // set the background color for the message
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It's easier if you set the colors specific from the user's perspective. So each user sees his own messages with a green background, while they see all other's messages in different colors.


This also means you only need a few colors versus one specific color for each member.

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Thank u guyss for the help...  but i think u didn't understood the questions...


 icon_share.png Ch0cu3r  what if same persons sends two message parallery then they will have both different background... I dont want tthat...

What i want is that ( x ) will have always the same background irrespective of how many post he posted and this is same for ( Y ) also...

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