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To portal or not to portal

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I hope this is in the right place, and I apologise if it is not.

I wanted to know what people felt about using portals. I want the main index of my site (mysite.com/index) to have a similar layout to the portals I have seen, but I do not want to be doing this direct from the message board. Reading some of the instructions for some portals, I've noticed that in order for it to run off the message board data, it has to be located at mysite.com/board/portal.php. That is not what I am after.

I would like the main index page to contain some data that would be collected from the phpBB (no of members, latest posts, etc), but also I wish for it to contain stuff from the actually website, like news headlines. Then, a couple of things, like interesting information, newsletter sign-ups, would be seperate from the main website content and the phpBB.

With that in mind, those who have used portals, would you suggest using a portal system, or running the whole thing off seperate MODs, like 'Topics Anywhere'? Any input would be gratefully received.
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I use the old IM portal but don't use the portal page itself - rather I use my forum's index page with the im blocks.
Take a look and see if this is what you have in mind at [url=http://worldwide-dating.info]WWD Games
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