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How to get to additional recordsets when a Stored Procedure returns more than one


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I'm have several Stored Procedures in an MSSQL database that return multiple recordsets but I can't seem to find out how to access the second (and third) result sets.



So my stack looks something like


Mac OSX > PHP 5.4.24 > unixODBC/freeTDS > (remote) Microsoft SQL Server 2008



I'm doing something like this which works fine for SQL Statements or SP's that return a single recordset:


$conn = odbc_connect('my_data_source','my_login','my_password');

$rs = odbc_exec($conn,"exec MY_STORED_PROCEDURE_NAME"); // <- this returns 3 recordsets


manipulating $rs works fine for the first recordset returned. I assume $rs is "hidding" results 2 and 3? Maybe?


Thanks in advance,



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