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Freelance forum updates

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We have made some updates to the Freelance forum. Previously it was just a forum in the Miscellaneous category, and there was no categorization of any kind. We have now broken it out into its own category, and have created separate forums for people looking to offer their services vs. offer work.


In addition to this, we have relaxed posting restrictions: we will now allow for people to reply to threads in those forums. This will make it easier for people to post updates in their own threads, as well as offer feedback/review of others. People have been asking for this forever, and we figured may as well give it a shot and see how it turns out. Do not make us regret this decision!


It is important to note that we have never and continue to not act as any kind of mediator or verification/compensation source for people/organizations who use those forums. We will not be held responsible/liable for any damages, loss, etc. that occur from use of those forums. If you hire someone and they rip you off, don't come crying to us. If someone hires you and they rip you off, don't come crying to us. Those forums are a convenience. If you want something more official that offers guarantees, go to a real freelance site!



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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