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Need a new file system, plain help


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Currently, I have a Download/Filesystem used with SimpleMachines Forum (SMF).

Due to my giant 300mb, 300,000 member MySQL database, my website at time uses a Crazy amount of CPU processes (was told from 20-27 virtual cores), therefor, all the hosts I have used will shut me down. (I don't blame them)


Either, how to fix, as my SMF forum is not needed anymore, but my filesystem is.

The problem is I have a directory on another server that host all my 36gb of files and can handle the bandwidth.

My problem with giving people direct access to the directory to eliminate the MySQL problem, is that there will be not download restrictions that my SMF 3rd party Download system has in place to limit the number of user downloads at one time, per day, etc.


What is a solution?

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300mb memory and you use 20-27 virtual cores. Clearly someone has got it wrong. Either the amount of virtual cores is lower or the memory consumption is higher.


Also using that many cores would cost an insane amount of money and they would never allow anyone to scale up like that unless you paid for it. So, my guess is that your website has outgrown what shared hosting can offer, which is not that hard knowing there could be like minimum 64 websites on one machine (some ignore the limits of the server altogether and simply keep adding websites until it fails to boot due to insufficient ram figuratively speaking).


So, you either need to buy a virtual dedicated, or a dedicated server. Or use cloud hosting, so you pay less on quiet periods, and more (with a max.) on heavy traffic.

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I now use a VPS with low specs, but while watching the stats, it uses at most 25% all day.

But at random points, it goes to a CPU load of 40, which is outrageous. It's just a giant spike that makes the server overload.


Each and every time, the host says to me it has to do with the MySQL.

How to fix or find out?

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I would be inclined to believe that for some reason your database probably doesn't have any indexes and as such is doing a table scan each request resulting in a lot of disk i/o and processing.


If not that, maybe your scripts are poorly written and doing something like select * from blah; and filtering the results themselves rather than with a proper WHERE clause.


Ultimately we do not have enough information to be able to say one way or the other what your issue might be.

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