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JSON, Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now


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Hello guys


I Have to try to build an array that has a tree structure(4 levels), but I have gotten an error when I tried to put the 2 level ... commands out of sync; you can't run this command now.


I attached a file with the code, what's wrong?







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Without downloading and looking at your code I'm going to say


If you use unbuffered queries, with PDO or mysqli or whatever, then you have to completely read one query's results before you can run another. In rough order of preference your solutions are:

1. Use JOINs to get all the data you need at once without having to issue queries inside loops. A little bit more work but gives much better performance.

2. Use buffered queries. The alternative in case you can't get #1 to work. (I say "the alternative" because #3 is so bad you shouldn't even consider it.)

3. Keep the unbuffered queries but read out all the data into a temporary array and loop over that. Also known as "doing buffered queries the wrong way".

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