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PHP add some string to filename in address bar and display


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Hello ,
I have two fields in database (ID , CITYNAME ) like below

123 |  DELHI




125 |  PUNJAB



I am trying to display records based on id number in a file called viewrecords.php.
where i am passing ID parameter (http://www.example.com/viewrecords.php?ID=123) and display the record in viewrecords.php file.
It simply displays the records where the corresponding id is matches.
Now I have a requirement where i need to display a city field ( for example http://www.example.com/cityname-ID.php that is http://www.example.com/delhi-123.php) in the addressbar instead of viewrecords.php.


any help appreciated.

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Hi Thanks for the reply.


in my end both city name and is dynamic where city user enters. so I need to create the page in run time. 


So I see two possibilities here..


one is to create the filename entirely in runtime.


second one is to have the filename already like $city-$id.php


But i am not sure these are possible. 


Please let me know ...

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Oh now I understand. 

What you'll want to look at is mod_rewrite. You don't dynamically create new files on the fly. 


So if you want your urls to be site.com/delphi-123 (like this forum) you'd use the following mod_rewrite rule a in a .htaccess file

RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ([a-z+])-([0-9+)/ viewrecords.php?ID=$2&cityname=$1 [NC]

The above rewrite rule will match a url like site.com/delphi-123 and then pass delphi and 123 as querystring parameters to viewrecords.php.



Now for your code create that url you'd use this

$id   = $row['ID'];
$city = $row['CITYNAME'];

echo "<a href=\"/$city-$id/\">$city</a>";
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I understand the concept you explained. But however If i use the above code, my entire site shows as 500 Internal Server Error.


Hi I tried the following code :  just alone with ID.


RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule (.*)/$ load_page.php?&page_id=$1



it is working with slash in end of the url.  ( http://www.example.com/384/) 

and not working without the slash in the end of the url. (http://www.example.com/384)


any suggestions 

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