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OpenEx.pw, an Open Source Cryptocurrency exchange


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I've been working on this for about 3 months. looking for feedback on the site's look and feel.


here is the live version, which is in production: https://openex.pw 


here is the development version, which has multimarket support and a slightly tweaked gui as a result. any feedback is greatly appreciated it. i get mixed reviews.


please try to keep in mind, being open source, aside from the tabber.js plugin, font awesome and the charting library, this is entirely written from scratch in php jquery and css. no bootstrap, no theming no templating. every single line from scratch. i hope you enjoy the uniqueness of the design. i find it both pleasant and appealing, while steering well clear of the norm in terms of design principal, as i attempted to build an entire site in only the size of the viewport. its fully responsive as well, all though there is definitely room for improvement. i generally devote one day a week to browsing the site as a user to notice.


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